3 Simple Tips for Surviving Late Night Feedings

To the mothers nursing at 3 am, this is what you need to hear

Inside: Feeling drained from waking up to nurse in the middle of the night? While babies little tummies must get their night time refill, there are ways to protect yourself from the dreaded cycle disruption and loneliness with tips for late night feedings. It only takes 3 steps to have better sleep as a breastfeeding mom…

It’s 3 am. A silent and sacred hour. Air and ether dominate – a time for peace, meditation, and opening up to the heavens as the veils between the universe and Earth are lifted… and a piercing cry shoots through that magical air.

What do you do when your baby’s hungry cry has permeated every ethereal element clinging to existence? You’re already bone tired. There is nothing like the tiredness that seeps into the bones of a new mother (it still happens to me through breastfeeding two babies, night and day, for three years straight.) Is there a way to heal your interrupted sleep and sanity?

Ayurvedic Time Cycles

According to the life health practice of Ayurveda, there are times of day that cater to the temperament of the elements. There is soo much to learn about Ayurveda. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, get started learning about the times of day and their elements to live every day with more energy and a smoother flow.

Here you can see the elemental time periods as they cycle throughout the day (and a key to what Kapha, Pitta, and Vata translate to) –

ayurveda time of day

Kapha = Earth & Water
Pitta = Fire
Vata = Air

Honoring this earthly time schedule can be your best bet for feeling your best and preparing your mental state for when you are disturbed in the middle of your cycle (you must check out this comprehensive view on living with the natural cycles!). Your life energy needs to be protected in these draining times, having a healthy mental and physical state can be a good barrier.

Just stay in bed – Co sleeping

So, you have some ideas on how to protect yourself from your energy sucking little sapling, but the constant jolting to action in the middle of the night still leaves you feeling unnerved and uneasy. What can you do to make the call to action involve less action? Have you considered Co-sleeping?

Although you will still be shaken awake by the cry, you will at least be right there for immediate comfort. Night feeding can be a complete miracle when your body naturally rolls over to satisfy baby’s hunger as soon as he starts to stir, so neither of you even fully wake up. It is safe to breastfeed while lying down, so this has been the best option by far for protecting my sleep! Whether you are nighttime nursing a newborn or toddler, it can totally be super safe if you have the right stuff.

Develop a night owl community with no effort

For some, the option to co-sleep doesn’t sit well with you, or you are an exclusively pumping mom and you still have to fully get up out of bed to do your nursing mama thing. That can feel tough and lonely (especially if you’ve ever glanced over at your peacefully sleeping husband and felt annoyed and jealous, his ability to sleep through the sharpest shrills have definitely hit a nerve with me!)

Something that I clung onto in my early phase of nursing and night pumping was to dive into my little online community of mothers with babies in the same birth year and month as mine in the Glow app. It’s not as densely populated as other baby forums so you can actually keep up with the conversations and feel like you are getting to know the mothers and babies, wherever you are. It is surprisingly active in the middle of the night (ok not that surprising since we all have babies to wake us up…) , so you feel like you can have someone to relate to and interact with in the loneliest time of night.

The 3 tips for night time breastfeeding survival

  • Manage schedule
  • Consider cosleeping
  • Develop community

These three simple tips can make a world of difference when you are wracking your brain in the middle of the night, being woken up yet again, feeling delirious and unsupported. While you are taking care of your baby, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Also take time to refocus on your presence and just enjoy these sweet precious moments. A lot of times we get stuck in our heads and let our ego’s emotions control us and that’s when we may spiral into a “woe is me” complex. But if we concentrate on stopping the whirlwind inside of our mind, and sink into the now, then we can finally feel peace and calm.

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What time is it as you are reading this? For me, it is 4 am as I am writing this! While my baby boy is 98% asleep as he is nursing, I got caught in a vata storm of creativity. Does your mind ever burst into action despite how physically tired you are? Good luck Mama 😉

3 simple tips for surviving late night nursing

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