About Us

Hi there!

Tamara and Angela

We are a pair of great friends that casually went through pregnancy together, and almost became mothers at the same time (Three weeks apart to be exact).


We realized how amazing it is to have someone to share all this new stuff with… The good the bad , the nasty… The Desperate!


Now we are  mamas and we want to get closer to all of you out there so we learn from each other, share with each other and support each other.

We ultimately want to create a community of supporting mamas with great advice, resources and useful stuff for all of us, seasoned mothers, firstimers or mamas to be.


Because MOTHERHOOD IS NO JOKE! No easy job and sometimes you feel completely  DESPERATE!! We are here to listen and to share!


Who we are:


  • Angela: Hello all. What can I say about me?!?

I’m a very proud, married, first time mama and my main focus is to provide to the best of my capabilities for my child. It’s not always easy but I try. Ever since I got pregnant my whole world has shifted towards this amazing, irreplaceable incredible journey that is motherhood.  I never imagined it would be so energy consuming, frustrating and rewarding at the same time, but for however crazy it might sound I would never change any of those moments. My little baby and her daddy are my entire world and I hope to share with all of you our crazy, happy and desperate stories…



  • Tamara: Hi guys! I am a Graphic Designer, lover of all things pretty. Until a couple of years ago I thought being a great professional  was what I really was made for and focused on my career, aside of being happily married.

And then I became a mother, nothing can EVER prepare you for it… There is no way to grasp what it feels and how your life changes, how you change. All I want to do is excell at it… But it is soooo Freaking hard!!! Even when I constantly  feel like The task is superior to my capabilities, I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!!! (Go figure!) I actually even want to do it AGAIN!!!  So, as a way to express all the mixed feelings that motherhood entiles.. Here I am!


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